Laissez-Faire Leadership: 3 Benefits for Startups

Laissez Faire Leadership is a form of leadership that offers many benefits for startups. In fact, if you currently work at a startup, you’re likely practicing a laissez-faire management style without even realizing it! In this article, we’ll briefly cover what laissez-faire leadership is and three benefits that it can bring to your startup.

Three types of meetings that suck

If you’ve ever worked at a large company, you’ve likely attended many life-draining types of meetings. And if you’ve never been to a bad meeting, consider yourself lucky! In the US we hold ~55 million meetings every single day and most of them are unproductive.

Meetings are the most popular and widespread collaboration tool teams use to get work done. We use meetings to brainstorm new ideas, coordinate project tasks, and build rapport with teammates. But just like any other tool, meetings are incredibly ineffective if used incorrectly.

The 4 tools we use to get work done every week

As a small startup, when it comes to process we try to follow the “if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it” mindset.

For a long time, we got by with almost no documentation other than a heap of disorganized documents, tons of calls at odd hours (often lasting until 2am), and a bunch of texts and/or Slack messages.

After trying a few things that haven’t worked, we landed on 4 tools that help us plan and execute against our goals each week:

Your daily standups should be async. Here’s why

Many teams start their day with the infamous daily standup.

The 15-minute round-robin daily stand-up is one of the cornerstones of Scrum, a popular way to manage product development teams. Unfortunately, Scrum — and the daily stand-up — was created back in the 1990s, when office workers labored away in cubicles and shared a common physical space and work day. Today, our workplaces look very different.

While the daily stand-up was created with good intentions, they’re more productive and better for the team when done asynchronously.