How the CEO of Govrn stays organized

Aaron Soskin is the CEO and founder of, a donation platform that incentivizes action by making outcome-based donations possible.

In this interview, Aaron talks about how he stays organized and keeps focused as the solo founder of his own startup.

How he uses Trello + Kanban

I use Trello by organizing my work into three main columns: Backlog, On Deck, and In Progress. I also have a few other columns that help me keep track of my ideas, thoughts, and daily activities.

Trello has also been great for product development. I love that their Slack integration DMs me every time there’s been an update to an issue, which helps me stay up to date with what the dev team has been up to.

Something I’ve struggled with in Trello is its lack of prioritization, which makes it hard to keep up with everything. At a glance, it’s difficult to tell the relative size and difficulty of each individual card. To get around this, I briefly experimented with building an integration between my Trello board and AirTable, so that I could highlight my different projects and priorities.

Notion as his home-base

Notion is now my place where I put all of my notes and all of my thoughts. My rule is that if it doesn’t exist in Notion, then it doesn’t exist.

I love Notion because it gives me the best of what I loved from Trello and Airtable with its different views (e.g. Kanban board and Grid View).

Notion is great for company info and strategy, and other pieces of long-lived information. Without it, everything would otherwise have been lost in Google Drive.

Time blocking as a productivity hack

When I want to do something important, I need to put it in my calendar. I move those events around until they actually get done.

At the end of each day, I look back and see what I was able to get done and what I wasn’t able to get done. I then shift around the calendar events accordingly.

Currently, my to-do list is my calendar because things are moving so quickly, and it’s really clear what the most important thing is at any given time. I’m actively trying to make sure I don’t take on new ideas, so the calendar to-do list is simple and just works.

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